Sunday, July 29, 2007

Art Studies

I drew these following a study of Hopper. I really like his work with architecture and shadow. I am also inspired by Caravaggio's work with shadows.

Illustration Drawings

Hidden Dream

Dragon Field

Garden Faerie

This drawing began as a small sketch I did at the lake. (shown above)


This is one of my many quick drawings for examples for teaching.
My husband liked this one, too, so it is now framed and hanging. I really need to do some paintings for him! Poor guy!

Turkey anyone?

This drawing was a very quick, sketchy drawing I did on the back of a placemat at a dinner I went to with my husband. He liked it so much he asked me to frame it. I did and it hangs on our living room wall, along with the deer above.


This is my cancer Doctor and her husband. I did this as one of approximately 45 portrait drawings while sitting in the hospitals and cancer center having chemo and amphoterocin B.

This was a large commissioned drawing that was fun to do. The wife gave me pictures of herself, her husband and their two children all at the age of three and I put them all together on one drawing. She gave it to her husband for Christmas.
I have done several commissioned pieces-will try to post more at a later time.

Still life School Examples

Charcoal on White paper; 9" x 12"

Pen and Ink with Ink Wash; 10" x 18"

Charcoal on Gray Paper; 9" x 12"

Black and White colored pencil on Blue paper; 18" x 22"

Charcoal and Chalk on Gray paper; 18" x 22"

Older Drawings

These are the very first drawings I did before I had any classes in art. I was actually self taught before returning to college at the ripe old age of 35.