Saturday, July 12, 2008

My Challenge

The Lantern



Creative Challenge

My fun drawing for the poem below.

New: Creative Challenge from a Poem By Elena Malec

Elena Malec, California 1997

No one in the living room.
The cat went out to spy the moon.
Ravel is filling the air.
On a tray a Royal Riviera pear

waves kisses
to a Chabaud mixture bouquet.
It's time for the perfumes ballet

-in white, red, shades of pink tutu,
carnations do pirouettes to woo

this sublime fruit of France;

the air can feel their dance.
Blushing, the pear gives them a glance -
inflamed buds embrace it in a spicy fragrance.

The living room is floating on air.
Imagine, a cultivated vegetal love affair.

Still life with flowers and pear?!