Saturday, April 26, 2008

A Day in My Life in 12 Frames

This was so much fun. I am so glad I ran across this on Jeanette Jobson's Blog.

I noticed there were several other's with the same problem as mine - a talkative cat! My Siamese talks all of the time and sometimes almost drives me crazy. We actually talk together quite often but I do wish, especially in the mornings that she could settle down. The first pic is Mitzu trying to get my attention.
The second frame should actually be the closeup of Mitzu because she will not leave me alone until I feed her some canned cat food!
The second frame is my time for coffee and morning devotions before getting ready for school.
The fourth frame is school.
Then, my classroom with painting.
Then lunch time.
Then pottery.
Then home to my front door.
I then sit and read the paper and mail, do the crossword and sudoku (while fixing supper -next frame).
Then, of course, dishes to do.
Then bedtime once more.
Of course there could be many more frames for my entire day but I had fun picking and choosing what to draw.

This really was an enjoyable project.
Thanks again to Jeanette for the inspiration.


Jeanette said...

These sketches are wonderful! They give a clear image of your day indeed. Funny how we are all ruled by animals isn't it? :)

And the credit isn't mine. It should go to Vivien Blackburn - or more precisely, to the illustrator talk she went to.

Do go to Vivien's blog (its on my blog list) and let her know you've done a 'day in the life' sketch as she's adding links to individuals who have created drawings on this theme.

Paulette said...

Just came from DS. These are great! Nice blog!